What are the best practices to keep your car clean?


A car’s interior with all its nooks and crannies might sometimes seem a lot to manage and clean. You spend a lot of time in your car but do not want to indulge in deep cleaning the vehicle frequently. You don’t want to grab your vacuum, cleaners, or brushes to clean the interior of the car. This article enlists some tips that can be used every day to keep your car clean. All you need to do is take tiny steps and have the necessary car wash supplies to maintain the cleanliness of your car’s interior.

Place a trash can

Placing a trash can is one of the best things you can do to keep your car clean. Whether you are opting for a plastic bag or travel trash container, it is better to keep them in their designated place so that they can be prevented from spreading throughout the car. A great option would be a waterproof car trash container featuring a lid hanging from the front seat headset.

Keep the cup holders clean

Drips and spills from your cups can make the car’s cup holders sticky and dirty. One of the best cleaning hacks for the cup holders is to fit a sock on a cup and spray it with an all-purpose cleaner. You can further use this sock to rub around the cup holders to get rid of the dust and grime. Another way to prevent them from getting dirty or sticky is placing cup holder liners in them to catch all spills and dirt that might get into cup holders.

Clean up the messes right away

Not cleaning up spills on car upholstery can cause stains and not cleaning them immediately can make them harder to clean later. So, it is always better to have necessary car wash supplies in the car, such as upholstery wipes, cleaners, clothing pieces, and brushes. Using these cleaning supplies, you can clean up the spills right after they happen and avoid the struggle of scrubbing out the tough stains later.

Maintain the car using organizers

When having kids, the back of the car can get cluttered, and also the back of the front seats can get dirty from your kid’s shoe prints. An excellent way to resolve such issues is placing car seat organizers. These organizers feature several compartments that make storing your kid’s travel items, toys, books, or food supplies easier. Also, you can hang the organizers on the back seat of the car, which will prevent the back of the front seats from getting dirtied by your kid’s shoe prints.

Dust off your shoes before stepping into the car

Dirt, snow, and mud stuck at the bottom of your shoes might get left behind on your car’s floor mats. This further causes you to clean the car’s floor mats more frequently. To avoid such an issue, it is advisable to dust off your shoes before stepping into your vehicle.

Use car seat covers

The easiest way to keep your car’s interior clean is by covering the vehicle’s seats with durable and waterproof seat covers. Car seat covers protect your car seats from stains. You can take them off and wash them in a washing machine.


Often, it has been seen that many car owners do not invest their money and effort in cleaning their car interior as they do to maintain the appearance of the exterior. Since a car is a luxury for many, one should not neglect their car interior. For example, you might find cleaning the vehicle’s interior a tough job. However, following these mentioned tips can make your job easier.

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