Two Practical Ways to Protect Your Car from Rust


Did you know that the usefulness of about 12-14 million cars comes to the end of the road (pun unintended) in the U.S and Canada annually? One of the major contributing factors is problems emanating from rust. The effects of the ugly brown color at the edges of your car go beyond the car’s appearance. It can consume the structure of your vehicle and even cause performance issues if it gets into the engine area.

Luckily, the best penetrating oil can help you remove rust in fasteners and stuck-in bolts.

But how do you protect your car from rust? 

Continue reading to learn three easy ways of keeping rust at bay.

1. Keep Your Car Clean

This might sound simple, but keeping your vehicle dirt-free at all times can have a significant difference. Although dirt doesn’t cause rust, it can interfere with the condition of the car’s paint and coat that protect the metal beneath from exposure to water and oxygen. According to science, rust occurs when salt, water, and oxygen mix on a metal surface.

2. Locate the Areas Highly Prone to Rust

Rust is dubbed as cancer of vehicles. It’s paramount to locate rust early before it damages your vehicles. Some of the common areas prone to rust include:

  • Engine bay
  • Doors
  • Fenders,
  • Rocker panels
  • Floors
  • Exhaust
  • Suspension
  • Every crack

Final Word

 Therefore, it’s always good to prevent your car from rusting to avoid huge repair costs or complete damage to your car’s engine. The latter could force you to ground the car.  But if your vehicle’s stuck-in bolts and fasteners are already corroded, grab the best penetrating oil and get rid of the rust before it causes further damage.

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