The Best Detailing from Professionals in the Field: Reasons to Choose Pro-Detailing


Detailing is a complex of services for a car, including washing, dry cleaning of the interior, body polishing, body coating with protective compounds. Each element is worked out in detail during such care, and a wide range of high-quality materials and professional tools are used. Detailing is a kind of culture; it is a whole philosophy for caring for a vehicle of any kind.

You can learn the features of this care by contacting the professional studio Max Protect LDT — here, professionals in their field will help turn each car into a genuine representative of the luxury class.

List of detailing services

Detailing is high-quality and exclusively professional car care inside and out. The purpose is to restore its aesthetic appeal and remove various defects that appeared during operation. This procedure is qualitatively directed to the main elements of the body and interior and its most minor details. Itincludes such work:

  • Upholstery conservation works, decorative lining polishing.
  • Processingofcarparts.
  • Removal of various difficult stains from upholstery or carpets.
  • Protecting the paintwork with ceramic coatings, deep polishing the body, cleaning the engine compartment, etc.

After carrying out all the activities, the car looks like new. The result will pleasantly surprise you.

Three reasons to order a detailing service

Detailing is an essential means of maintaining the beauty of a car. There are several reasons why you should use it:

  • Nothing will protect a vehicle like high-quality vinyl or polyurethane sheeting. Pasting enhances the car’s aesthetic appearance and saves the body from the harmful effects of external factors.
  • Style and purity. Safe interior cleaners will keep your car interior fresh and tidy for a long time. Polishing reliably protects from dirt and micro damage. And the mirror shine of the polished body will give confidence even to the car’s owner.
  • A well-polished and well-groomed car is an adornment of its owner. And this jewel will not endure streaks or fingerprints on the glass.

The company offers to order a full range of services at reasonable prices.

How does the detailing process work?

Detailing is a process that professionals handle on time and achieve the desired result. Everything goes like this: The team accepts the application and immediately contacts the client. Then, professionals discuss with the client the nuances, subtleties, style, materials, etc. The team gets to work and completes it on time. Finally, the client receives the desired result of the work. Each vehicle owner can enjoy riding a neat iron horse.

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