The Benefits of Transporting Your Vehicles in Enclosed Trailers


There are many benefits of using an enclosed trailer to transport your vehicles. These include cost-effectiveness, reduced risk of damage to your car, and less worry about cargo insurance coverage. Enclosed trailers also offer the added benefit of transporting multiple vehicles. You can also use an enclosed trailer to haul a single car. Many white glove services provide consistent communication, updates, and event tracking to ensure that your car is safe and in good hands.

Less worry about damage not covered by cargo insurance

When you transport your vehicles in enclosed trailers, you need to have the right cargo insurance policy. Most commercial carriers have cargo insurance that covers the cost of transporting vehicles. While it is not required by law, the lender you have will likely need this insurance before allowing you to take out a loan on your vehicle. You can find cargo insurance for your trailer for less than $100 per year for personal use. However, commercial coverage can run you several thousand dollars per year, depending on the size of your trailer, the value of your vehicle, and the nature of your business.

Cargo trailer insurance will cover damage and liability to your vehicles. Commercial use of a trailer may require coverage for company liability, which isn’t included in the policy. If you’re using the trailer for personal use, you may obtain liability coverage through your vehicle’s insurance. If your trailer is used for commercial use, you may need to add an endorsement to your policy to cover this type of coverage.


There are several advantages to transporting your vehicles in an enclosed trailer. These advantages are reflected in the price. Enclosed auto transport can save you a lot of money, but you have to choose the right one for your needs. The most crucial factor is where you want to take the vehicle. The closer the destination is to your home, the lower the price. Enclosed auto transport can reduce your costs by as much as 50%.

Your vehicle will remain in the trailer from pick-up to the delivery in enclosed shipping. This means it will be safer because it will not be exposed to the elements. However, it is also more expensive because it is heavier than an open trailer. Enclosed shipping is the best choice if you have a high-value vehicle or vintage or rare car that you would like to transport. However, the cost of enclosed auto transport may exceed your budget.


Enclosed trailers offer many benefits. For starters, they reduce the risk of damaging your vehicle during transit. Open-air trailers are prone to damage from weather, loose rocks, and other road debris, and your insurance policy will not cover the costs of any damage that occurs during transport. In addition, enclosed trailers have lift gates that lift your vehicle onto the truck. They also provide an extra layer of protection from theft and road debris.

The enclosed trailer keeps your car out of the elements. Open trailers are susceptible to road debris, and your vehicle can become dirty. The enclosed trailer benefits vehicles with low floor clearance and valuable collectors. However, these vehicles require a top load for protection.


There are numerous benefits to transporting your vehicle in an enclosed trailer. Unlike open carriers, which are unprotected by the elements, enclosed trailers protect your vehicle from rock chips and other road hazards. Enclosed trailers may also offer a cloth overcoat for extra safety. However, the price of enclosed trailers may be more than open carriers. Auto Transport complies with the enclosed shipping costs in one convenient quote. The price for enclosed trailers is around $300 higher than available carriers.

The costs for shipping a vehicle vary depending on the distance and pick-up location. International shipping and rural pick-ups can increase the price. If additional assistance is required, a tow truck may be necessary to move it.

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