The Benefits of Choosing an iCar Gold Class Collision Repair Shop


When your vehicle is damaged in a collision, you want to choose a shop that does quality repairs and will keep your car safe. Choosing an ICAR Gold Class certified collision repair shop makes that happen.

ICAR Gold Class certification requires ongoing training for each technician at the shop. This ensures your car is repaired using the latest technologies and materials to preserve its safety and integrity.


Getting your car repaired correctly after a collision is essential for your family’s safety and peace of mind. However, knowing whether a shop has the knowledge and skills to repair your vehicle safely can take time and effort.

Fortunately, ICAR offers the Gold Class certification to body shops and insurance companies that meet the rigorous training requirements needed to obtain the designation. About 20% of body shops have achieved this high level of training.

This training provides technicians with the skills to perform safe and complete repairs, improving your chances of returning to the road quickly and safely. It also allows them to keep up with new vehicle models, materials, and technologies in today’s cars.


Choosing the right collision repair shop is critical to ensure vehicle repairs are performed safely and efficiently. When you select an ICAR Gold Class certified collision repair shop, you can be sure the technicians who work on your car are highly trained and knowledgeable about the latest auto technologies and how to restore your vehicle to pre-collision condition properly.

The Gold Class designation is the collision repair industry standard for training. It reflects a shop’s commitment to ongoing, up-to-date education for their estimators and non-structural, structural, and refinish technicians.

It’s easy to see the benefits of this type of training because it means technicians have the knowledge they need to make the right call to repair your vehicle safely and accurately.

In a recent study, shops that earned Gold Class recognition scored 51% higher in shop performance value rating than those that did not: this improved repair quality, faster turnaround times, and more accurate customer estimates.


Choosing an ICAR Gold Class certified collision repair shop means choosing an expertly trained and qualified team of auto body technicians. Only about 10 percent of collision repair shops meet the rigorous training requirements to receive the Gold Class designation.

This is a massive advantage for you and your family when you choose a shop. It lets you know that your vehicle will be repaired appropriately using various techniques and procedures, including the latest technologies and materials.

Technology is continuously evolving, and new models of vehicles are being introduced with lightweight, high, strength materials that need specialized repairs. This influx of changes is becoming increasingly difficult for most auto body shops to keep up with, so being certified by ICAR is essential for your safety and car longevity.

Choosing an ICAR Gold Class Certified shop is excellent for peace of mind and convenience. It also makes it easy to refer friends and family.


Choosing the right body shop can mean distinguishing between complete, safe, and quality repairs. Using technicians thoroughly trained in the latest auto body repair techniques can save you time, money, and peace of mind.

Thousands of collision repair shops have earned I-CAR Gold Class recognition. They have achieved high training for their entire team and maintain annual training to provide efficient, safe, high-quality services.

The Professional Development Program(tm) (PDP), the foundation of Gold Class recognition, features distinct training paths that provide each person involved in the collision repair process with the up-to-date knowledge and skills they need to perform their role successfully. The I-CAR Gold Class designation is one of the most recognized training accomplishments in the collision industry and helps ensure your car is repaired correctly. Regardless of your collision type, a Gold Class shop can handle it.

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