Proven Strategies to Get Your Honda Car Better Fuel Efficient


How to get better gas mileage and save your fuel economy? This may be your question over time if you’re a budget-conscious consumer and think to take your car to Acura auto service shop in San Antonio. In fact, keeping an eye on your budget is the right thing to lead a prosperous future. For those who enjoy an income that covers all bills with money left over, a budget can help maximize savings and investments.

The solution for Honda Car Better Fuel Efficient

The budget-friendly and straightforward solution to improve your car’s fuel efficiency is, setting aside a budget for your Honda car maintenance. Did you know that a vehicle can burn up to 30 percent more fuel if you didn’t properly perform car maintenance on a regular schedule? Well, we all know the importance of regular car maintenance, but for many reasons, we will skip it.  But, continuously skipping the regular maintenance for your car, you could end up causing a drop in fuel efficiency, but also reduces the car performance.

Here, we have discussed some tips, which help you use every last drop of fuel you pour into your tank.

Check the Pressure of the Car Tire

Don’t miss the Acura auto mechanic in San Antonio TX advice on how to make your car tires last longer. Under-inflated tires burn more fuel. Did you know 60 percent of the vehicles on the road have tires that are underinflated by at least 30 percent? In case, if your car tires are 8 pounds underinflated, the rolling resistance of the tires increases by 5 percent. This will cost you almost 7 percent of wasted fuel. So, it is essential to check your car tire pressure at least once a month and fill to the recommended pressure.

Avoid Drag and Drive Smart

The way you drive your car actually has a decent impact on the amount of fuel it consumes.

Do not rest your left foot on the brake pedal while driving. Accelerating and braking hard is not the right way to drive. This is because dragging demands additional fuel usage to overcome the drag. The slightest pressure puts “mechanical drag” on components, wearing them down prematurely. This will increase the gas bill and will be pretty hard on your pocket.

So, do follow,

  • Press accelerator and brake gradually
  • Anticipate traffic and do the speed limit

 In fact, it’s the safest and most eco-conscious way to drive.


One thing you really shouldn’t let go of is regular car maintenance. No one likes to call the mechanic for roadside service or lack of empty gas tank on a dark and stormy night. So, it is essential to get your car regularly maintained at Honda auto mechanic shop San Antonio and upgrade the fuel efficiency and performance of your Honda.

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