Is Your Honda Making Strange Noises? Find Out Why


Manufactured to be sturdier and more reliable than the earlier versions, modern Honda cars need regular maintenance to run smoothly. But, most of the time, car owners ignore signs, such as weird noises, which could result in a significant Honda repair in San Antonio.

Do you notice strange noises from your Honda as you drive down the road? Do you hear a clunking, popping, creaking, squealing, groaning, screeching, or whining noise? The problem could be simple to fix, or sometimes it could be more serious. Here we’ve discussed the reasons and solutions for a few mysterious noises that would lead to major Honda automotive repair when left unattended.

A High-Pitched Squealing Noise

A high-pitched squealing noise from your Honda is a sign that your car needs maintenance. This sound is annoying and could indicate a problem with the belt. As your car’s engine rotates at high speed, a few rotating belts can crack or stretch. If you start hearing a squealing noise, get in touch with your experts of Honda repair in San Antonio to replace the belts.

A Whistling Noise

If you hear a whistling noise from your Honda, then the problem is with your vehicle’s weather-stripping, or it could be a sign that your vehicle needs a major repair. Due to the continuous circulation of the coolant, and air passing through the hoses on your engine’s cooling system, the vacuum seal can easily get cracked. The air leaking through these cracks can cause the whistling sound and can be fixed by a professional Honda mechanic in San Antonio.

A Clicking Noise While Idle

Do you notice an odd clicking noise when waiting at a traffic signal for the light to turn from red to green? This could be caused by many reasons such as low engine oil, cold weather, and more. In such cases, get the valves adjusted by the pros, change the oil, and more. If you hear the clicking noise even after all these changes and if the weather is warm, your Honda needs a professional inspection.

A Hissing Noise

Hissing sounds from your engine while driving or when turning your engine off could indicate major Honda problems that require immediate attention. When your vehicle’s engine gets overheated, and there is leaky coolant, a hissing noise is produced. Check your temperature gauge to find out whether the engine is overheating.

A Deep Knocking Noise

A deep knocking sound is a warning sign that the rods of your engine are worn out, and there is something seriously wrong. When you hear this knocking noise, don’t drive your car any further. Stop driving immediately. If you drive continuously, it could damage your engine, and you will need to replace it with a new one.

The Bottom Line

Honda engines usually make noises. While some sounds are completely normal, others may signal a severe problem. So, pay attention to what you hear and get in touch with the experts to handle the situation.

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