5 Reasons Why You Should Rent an Exotic SUV for Your Next Vacation


If you are considering going on vacation this year, you should know a few things before renting a car to drive around. Below are five reasons you should consider renting an exotic SUV during your next vacation.

Avoid off-roading in places on the rental company’s no-no list.

If you’re planning to rent a car, you might be worried about off-roading in your rental. Off-roading is defined as driving on unpaved roads. These can include dirt, gravel, and other types of unsurfaced roads. They can be easy to navigate but need surface treatment. It’s also possible to get your vehicle stuck in these places. That’s where having a collision damage waiver (CDW) can come in handy. You can also check if your credit card’s coverage includes off-roading.

Some exotic suv rentals Huntington Beach are less strict regarding off-roading and might let you tow your vehicle as long as the damage is minimal. Although it could take some time, it’s far safer than operating your vehicle on unpaved roads.

Exploring a new country by renting a car

If you’re planning a trip overseas, renting a car is one of the best ways to get around. The type of rental car you may be eligible to rent will vary depending on where you are going. Getting a car abroad can also present some challenges. In some countries, you may be required to pay a fee to cross a border or drive a confident route. Renting a car can be a great alternative to public transportation, allowing you to explore the area you’re visiting. However, be sure to plan to avoid any surprises.

One of the first things you should do before you head abroad is to find out the requirements for driving in your destination country. For example, many English-speaking countries require an International Driving Permit. This permit may be optional in some cases, but it’s always a good idea to check with your local police department before you head off to a foreign land.

You’ll Save Miles On Your Vehicle

It racks up the miles but can add to wear and tear and even push an older vehicle over the breaking point if you’re headed through challenging terrain like mountains. The last thing you want is to have a stall, or blow-out cut into your vacation time and budget! Renting a luxe car will keep your main ride at home, and you cruise on through whatever the road might throw at you.

The Safety Features And Tech Are A Major Plus

A top-of-the-line luxury vehicle looks great, rides like a champ, and will help keep you safe. That’s because loads of new top-of-the-line safety tech comes standard in top car brands. Rear cross-traffic, blind-spot, forward-collision monitoring, and the automatic emergency braking are among the safety features you’ll want to have. They will be included in luxe car models. Many of these vehicles will also have state-of-the-art GPS systems, which will keep you well-navigated and on the right track when you’re on the open road.

It Ups The Fun Factor On Your Whole Vacation

Finally, there’s no denying the fun factor when renting and riding along in a luxury vehicle while you’re on vacation. The thrill of driving a top-end model will boost your holiday experience, whether you’re road-tripping or grabbing your rental once you’ve reached your destination. It will have a superior entertainment system, giving you multiple options for music, podcasts, or even movies to keep you occupied on the go. Finally, please don’t underestimate the thrill of a new-car smell and turning heads in it while you’re on vacation. We love hopping into a brand-new luxe car that we don’t get to enjoy every day at home; it’s a terrific way to start your vacation off on a fabulous foot. Besides, taking it over the top is part of what vacation travel is all about.

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